Butterfly boost

BBC REPORT: Research by the Butterfly Conservation wildlife charity recorded more than 1.5 million butterflies and day-flying moths in three weeks this summer. School communities who have joined our Avon Schools Nature Reserve showed greater interest, last summer term, in their revitalised green spaces. This term they are being supported to teach in this space and contribute to citizen science such as this, by Butterfly Conservation.

Butterflies in ANSR.club wildflower meadows

The red admiral was the most spotted across the UK but long-term trend figures show many species have significantly decreased since the count started 13 years ago.

Dr Zoe Randle said butterflies are a really good indicator of a healthy environment, adding that the insects have benefited from 2023’s mixed weather. “The rain combined with the hot days has kept vegetation growing, to be lush and green for caterpillars to feed on.

“The red admiral had a really good summer this year – an increase of 338% of last year’s count. That particular butterfly is doing well from climate change in the UK at least – it usually lives on the Mediterranean coast or north Africa.”